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The most popular Funko POP! figures of 2020

A few days ago, the Blog of the site www.funko.com uploaded the most popular collectors’ selections for 2020. The results were based on the items that were added the most to collections and wish lists in the Funko application in 2020! This is how the top 10 figures came out!

In these options there is a piece that is still available in our eshop! Find it and put it in your cart today because it will be a surprise!

#1 The Mandalorian The Child Pop!

#2 Iron Man (I Am Iron Man) (Metallic) (Glows in the Dark) PX Previews Exclusive Pop

#3 Captain America with Mjolnir Pop!

#4 Pokémon Squirtle Pop!

#5 Pokémon Mewtwo Pop!

#6 Spider-Man Iron Spider Pop!

#7 Pokémon Eevee Pop!

#8 Pokémon Pikachu Pop!

#9 Pokémon Bulbasaur Pop!

#10 Batman The Joker 1989 Pop!

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