Smart tips to clean up action figures or funko pop figures!

Today we will talk about cleanliness, because one thing that can increase the value of your favorite figure is to keep it in excellent condition, without the hassle of time.

For those of you who have decided to keep the figures of your collection in their packaging, with the only enemy you have to fight is the dust and by keeping its packaging in its original excellent condition. So cleaning should be done carefully! So prepare the dusting feather and specifically the swiffer to become your best friend and this is because it can quickly remove dust and is so soft that it will not cause any scratches or other damage to the packaging box.

For those of you who have decided that the collection and your figures are out of packaging, you have to fight with the dust, but this time you will have to find a way to drive the dust away from very difficult places and small recesses. Here you will need in addition to the swiffer and an air spray that will help you incredibly! Simply dust the entire figure and larger surfaces with the swiffer and with the air spray stick to the locks and small recesses.

But what do you do in cases where a rare figure is in poor condition full of accumulated dirt and dust?

Here you will need a little more preparation and energy. First fill a small taper with lukewarm water and add a little dish soap. Put in your figure and let it soak for 10-15 minutes. Then take a small brush or a very soft toothbrush and start rubbing on the areas that are dirty. Start at the beginning without putting too much force and adjust according to how easy it is to clean.

Once you see the desired result, rinse your figure under running water and finally wipe and dry well with kitchen paper.