Shipping methods

& packaging

Shipping throughout Greece

Your orders are sent with the courier service of ELTA. Once your order is completed, the shipment from us will be made the next day.

You will receive your order the next working day at addresses within Attica or in 1 to 3 working days in other areas. In very remote areas the collection may be delayed for another 1-2 days. After the completion of the order, we will send you a code so that you can “live” the progress of the order through the site of ELTA-Courier.

For customers from other countries

We can send almost any address in the world.

The shipping costs is:

1gr- 1kg Price is 20.00 EURO / 21,58 USD
2 kg Price is 30.00 EURO / 32,37 USD
3 kg Price is 50.00 EURO / 53,95 USD
4 kg Price is 55.00 EURO / 59,34 USD
5 kg Price is 60.00 EURO / 64,74 USD

6 kg Price is 70.00 EURO / 75,53 USD

7 kg Price is 80.00 EURO / 86,31 USD

9 kg Price is 95.00 EURO / 102,50 USD

10 kg Price is 110.00 EURO / 118,68 USD

For each extra 1 Kg the price will go up by 10 euros / 10,79 USD.

*1 Euro = 1,079 USD


At WANTED we pack our items with great care. Items are shipped in boxes, wrapped in bubble wrap, and all shipping containers have a “fragile” sticker on them.

We do all we can to ensure that your package gets to the best possible state.